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Dealing with Fear and Uncertainty

Feelings of fear and uncertainty can overwhelm us. Join this one day event to discover coping strategies for you and your teams to support them with feelings of fear and uncertainty, helpful for both inside the workplace and out.


The past few years have been uncertain.
Changes. New situations. Re-structuring.
What impact has that had on your teams?

The human mind is drawn toward certainty, so when uncertainty is front and centre, fear and insecurities are often triggered. And flight/fight or freeze become the main choices. When people are operating from flight, fight or freeze, they become unresourceful, lack resilience and often make costly mistakes.

Throughout this one day course, I'll show the participants that there is another way of dealing with fear and insecurity.

We will...

  • look at the two types of fear - how and when to manage them (as opposed to them managing you)
  • dive deeper into the workings of psychological day-to-day fears
  • share tools to put you in control...even in challenging times.
  • Participants will walk away with strategies for managing their performance and able to access resilience even in the most pressurised situations.

This one day online event will be facilitated by Jules Wyman


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